The Perfect Christmas Table

Christmas time evokes memories of scented pine trees decked out in twinkling fairy lights and dainty decorations handed down from generation to generation. Brightly coloured wrapped presents wait to be opened by eager children and adults alike while delicious aromas waft through from the kitchen in preparation for Christmas lunch or dinner.

Another showpiece we can’t ignore on this celebratory day is the Christmas table. While the menu plays a role in impressing your guests with your culinary skills, the aesthetics of your table is what captivates their attention. Your tablescape is what gets the Christmas spirit going as you, your family and your guests embrace the ambiance of a special occasion.

Let’s talk about using whimsical but elegant tableware for creating a masterpiece without it turning into a time-consuming exercise on the day!

Designing the Perfect Christmas Table: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Preparation is key to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere and designing your Christmas table before the day will help you plan ahead of time. After all, you want to keep the overwhelm at bay so you can relax while playing hostess and creating memories for years to come.

Being prepared allows you to enjoy the experience of decorating the Christmas table so that it’s aesthetically pleasing but captures the essence of the day at the same time. Here are some tips for designing your Christmas tablescape, ensuring you create a festive atmosphere enjoyed by all.

1. Style

Decide if you want to create the traditional Christmas style compared to a look that’s glamorous or sophisticated. Are you looking for a more relaxed, festive design or do you want to keep it simple but elegant? Setting the scene is key to creating the ambiance you want while hosting your guests for a Christmas meal.

2. Colours, Texture and Quality

The style will help you determine what colours, texture of linen and quality of tableware you want to use for your Christmas table. Picking elegant cutlery, handcrafted crockery, coloured wine glasses, luxurious linen and floral centerpieces are all ways you can enhance your table setting with minimal effort.

3. Coordinate Tableware With the Meal

Not only should your tableware coordinate with each element used but it should match the meal you’re serving. Matching the table setting with the meal ensures you have the right items on hand while creating a streamlined appearance.

4. Finishing Touches

Festive embroidered napkins, chic placemats and coloured wine glasses are finishing touches that’ll impress your guests while adding Christmas cheer to the table. Decorative accessories add panache while staying in touch with the theme of the day.

5. Create a List

Once you’ve decided on your style, colours and quality of tableware, you can create a list of what you need for setting the table on the day. This way, you can avoid the last-minute-panic when you find you don’t have what you need hours before the guests arrive!

How to Choose Tableware for the Perfect Christmas Table

Choosing the right tableware won’t only help you create the look you want but it’ll increase the gastronomic enjoyment of eating a specially prepared Christmas meal. Considering elements such as cutlery, crockery, glassware and placemats are what will create the ultimate Christmas table after all!

Table Linen

Embroidered table linen is a wonderful way of bringing festivity to the table without going overboard with gaudy patterns or colours! If your style is more classical, setting the scene with hand- embroidered gold and silver napkins will give your Christmas table a sophisticated but festive look.

Bespoke table linen gives you the freedom to personalise your Christmas table, allowing you to create the colour combination you want from both the tablecloth and napkins. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern design, picking the right table linen makes it easier to achieve it.


Dressing up your Christmas table couldn’t be simpler when using waxed linen placemats. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours so you’re not limited when matching them with your preferred festive table setting. Personalise them with embroidered monograms, use them on top of the tablecloth or simply place them directly onto your favourite wooden dining table for a splash of colour.

Besides linen, placemats can come in different materials such as bamboo, reeds, felt, or even leather. Who says you have to damp down on your creative flair when setting the table for Christmas Day? Bring out the fluorescent place mats and turn your Christmas meal into a funky occasion!


The tablecloth, napkins and place mats are the foundations of your table setting. Now, it’s time to select the cutlery. Again, you need to match these elements with your style and the type of meal you’re serving while coordinating the overall aesthetics of the table.

You could go for beautifully crafted silverware, using knives and forks for the elegant Christmas tablescape. Or, you can splash out with classic or modern-styled colourful cutlery to capture the spirit of a joyful and warm Christmas gathering around the table.


Picking the best dinnerware is essential for special occasions and the choice is unlimited! Don’t let this overwhelm you though – remember your style and let the dinnerware demonstrate it effortlessly.

Here, you can select handcrafted faience tableware for that unique and whimsical Christmas theme while keeping it refined at the same time. But, if you’re looking for a fusion of colours, patterns and quirky designs, you can’t go wrong with Marie Daage tableware. Your guests will be enthralled when they see your Christmas table decked out with such flair and extravagance!


Modern home glassware resembling those found in Soho Houses will enhance most Christmas table settings and include wine glasses, tinted tumblers, champagne flutes and whisky decanters. You’ll have no problem creating a subtle but urbane Christmas atmosphere with this type of glassware.

But we also love what coloured wine glasses can do for a festive tablescape and you’ll be equally enthralled by them too! Simplicity at its best, these wine glasses don’t compromise on elegance either.

Floral Centrepieces

What would the perfect Christmas table be without a gorgeous centerpiece or two? Bring it all together with floral showpieces from Fashionista Flowers and watch your Christmas tablescape come alive.

Seasonal, stylish flowers add the finishing touch to any Christmas table, whether you’re opting for traditional, minimalist or contemporary aesthetics. Throw in some scented candles and you’ve just created a beautiful eating environment for your guests while they indulge in your Christmas gammon!

Final Words

Designing your perfect Christmas table should be a fun and creative experience if you do the preparations beforehand. No matter how busy you are leading up to this special occasion, having all the right elements on hand will make it easier to create the ambiance you want for your guests.

Luxurious table linen, embroidered napkins, colourful wine glasses and dinnerware created by modern designers will give you tools for creating a beautiful but festive Christmas table. And don’t forget to include festive, confetti napkins when serving welcoming cocktails. What better way to get your guests into the Christmas spirit?

Using the services and products tested by Michelle and her team at Almost Essential, ensures your Christmas table will be the perfect setting for enjoying this festive occasion. What better way can we help you embrace the Christmas season when hosting at home?