Top Beauty Treatments For The Party Season

Almost Essential, rounds up a variety of beauty and makeup treatments to help you through the upcoming party season


At this time of year a hectic social calendar quickly takes it’s toll on the body. No where does our tiredness from all those late nights and party cocktails show than on our beautiful faces. Whether you’re referring to the bags beneath the eyes, gaunt cheeks or dry skin – these afflictions are a common challenge throughout the festive season. The answer to these problems – treat yourself to a facial massage – the best facial massages can instantly brighten, tighten and lift the skin, ensuring you are well prepared for the festivities.

Ahead of a big event celebrities fly their facialists across the world to help them prepare, but Almost Essential members only need to get in touch with Theresa Tarmey. Her adaptive facial massage will provide you with the finest, most relaxing and luxurious experience. She is the secret weapon to a youthful complexion and looking your best over the holidays.

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Hair is no doubt a woman’s most trusted asset, but it’s so often the element we struggle with the most. During winter the constant switching between the cold outside to the warmth indoors,  dries out and damages hair. It’s essential to use a moisturising conditioner to keep your locks looking great. Beyond this, on the day of a Christmas party or big social occasion, there is nothing more convenient than inviting Isabelle over to the house to cut and style your hair. She understands what hairstyle suits you best and will even do  the children’s hair too.

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Body (Skin)

During the cold, dry, days and nights of Winter the skin is very susceptible to drying out, adding aging lines and wrinkles to the skin. Something not helped by the fact that at this time of year, there’s always a friend or family member ready to top up your wine glass.  Thankfully there a range of ingenious moisturising products on the market, including Alleven Total Body Serum – which uses natural ingredients derived from seaweed algae and emollients derived from milk proteins to renew and softens the skin’s appearance. It comes in a 200 ml size bottle with a pump, and is effortless to add to your beauty regime.

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The festive season is the busiest time of year for nail salons. It’s therefore the hardest time of year to get a manicure or pedicure appointment. As a regular user of a really efficient mobile beauty service, it’s great to be able to bring the expertise of a professional beauty salon to my home, office or hotel. There is no time of year when you need your nails to be strong and looking their best.

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Given how unique we all are, how different our styles and preferences are it’s difficult to offer practical make-up advice that works for everyone. All that I recommend is that you contact Rhea, whose company offers one-to-one makeup lessons in the comfort of your own space! Her makeup artists will create a festive look and recommend makeup that’s tailored to you. These professionals will even teach you how to apply it – so that you can use the look  throughout the season! Surely this is the ultimate way to preparing you for the joy, laughter and festive frolicking ahead.

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