Your Ultimate Luxury Wedding Guide with Almost Essential

Planning a wedding is an exhilarating journey, a blend of dreams, meticulous details, and cherished memories in the making. At Almost Essential, we understand the importance of every element that contributes to your special day. From the moment of engagement to the unforgettable honeymoon, we offer a suite of exceptional services to help you craft the perfect wedding.

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Here’s your guide to creating a luxurious and memorable wedding experience.

The Perfect Engagement: Choosing the Right Ring

Your engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of your love story. Choosing a ring that captures your unique bond is essential. In 2024, one of the biggest trends in engagement rings and wedding bands is the resurgence of heirlooms and vintage pieces. With a growing interest in sustainability and a desire for uniqueness, many couples are opting for rings that have a rich history. These pieces often feature gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or pearls, making them a beautiful choice for those looking to make a statement. Heirloom rings, passed down through generations, not only hold sentimental value but also offer a connection to the past and a sense of continuity that is truly special.

Advice: Start by creating a piece worthy of being an heirloom. Look for jewellers who offer bespoke designs, ensuring your ring is one-of-a-kind. Consider the craftsmanship and the jeweller’s reputation for creating timeless pieces.

Recommendation: Theo Fennell is renowned for his extraordinary talent in creating original and beautifully crafted jewellery. His designs reflect a quintessentially British sensibility, blending classic and contemporary elements. Visiting his shop or exploring his website can provide you with inspiration and the perfect engagement ring that will be cherished for generations.

Expert Planning: Ensuring a Seamless Event

Once you have the perfect ring, the next step is planning the perfect celebration. A skilled party planner can make all the difference, ensuring that every detail of your wedding is meticulously arranged and executed.

Advice: Choose a planner who understands your vision and can bring it to life with creativity and precision. Look for someone with a track record of organising successful events and who can handle all aspects of the planning process, from venue selection to decorations.

Recommendation: Tom is an expert party planner known for his creativity and attention to detail. His ability to come up with original ideas for decorations and venues guarantees a memorable event. Tom’s meticulous planning and innovative approach ensure that your wedding day will be a joyous occasion filled with magical moments.

Floral Elegance: Making the Most of Your Flowers

Flowers are a vital aspect of wedding decor, setting the tone and enhancing the ambiance with their natural beauty.

Advice: Choose a florist who can translate your vision into stunning floral arrangements. It’s important to consider seasonal flowers for the best quality and value, and to think about how the flowers will complement your overall theme. Discuss your ideas with your florist to ensure they will work well within the season and venue. Don’t forget to plan for the bridal bouquet, which should reflect the overall floral theme and complement the bride’s dress.

Recommendation: Samantha Davis, with her extensive experience and passion for floristry, creates enchanting flower arrangements tailored to your style. Her expertise in using unique foliage and her ability to craft dramatic floral designs ensure that your wedding will be adorned with breathtaking flowers. Samantha can help you select the best seasonal blooms and design arrangements that perfectly capture your vision, including the perfect bridal bouquet.

Extra Tip: Decide beforehand who can take your flowers home from the wedding so they don’t go to waste. You can give them to certain people at the reception, or an even more meaningful idea is to have your maid of honour coordinate with a care facility or old age home to donate the flowers. This way, your beautiful arrangements can bring joy to others even after your special day.

Tablescapes to Impress: Elevate Your Wedding Reception

Creating an elegant tablescape adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception. The right tableware can transform your dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Advice: Start by deciding on an overarching colour scheme and theme. This will help narrow down your choices and make the selection process less overwhelming. With a clear vision, you can choose items that fit perfectly into your desired aesthetic. Personalise your table settings to reflect your wedding theme. Mixing and matching different styles can create a unique and cohesive look. Consider adding personalised elements such as engraved glass plates or hand-painted ceramics to make your tablescape truly stand out.

Recommendation: At Almost Essential, we offer a diverse range of tableware to suit any style or theme. From luxurious candleholders and personalised glass plates to hand-painted ceramic dinnerware, our selection ensures that every detail of your table setting is perfect.

Explore our extensive collection, including:
Casa by JJ Candleholders: Elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication.
Personalised Glass Plates: Customise with your own design for a unique touch.
Sveva’s Home Ceramics: Beautiful, hand-painted plates by Italian artisans.
Luxurious Homewares: Discover Casa By JJ’s range of exquisite dinner plates and decorative objects.
Joanna Wood Shop: High-end tableware and decor to enhance your setting.
Bespoke Table Linen: From leather placemats to embroidered napkins, find everything you need to dress your table.

Our curated selection also includes stylish cutlery, crystal glasses, and vibrant placemats and napkins, ensuring that your tablescape is both functional and beautiful.

For more inspiration and to find the perfect tableware for your wedding, visit our tableware category on Almost Essential.

Culinary Delights: Selecting the Right Catering

The food at your wedding plays a significant role in your guests’ experience. Talk to anyone about an event they recently attended and the food will always be a hot topic.

Advice: Choose a catering service that can offer a variety of dishes to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Personalised menus add a unique touch to your celebration. Consider including options for different dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes, to ensure all your guests are catered for.

Recommendation: Almost Essential’s selection of chefs ensures your wedding menu is both exquisite and personalised, catering to all tastes and preferences. From gourmet cuisine to traditional dishes and innovative culinary creations, our chefs can design a menu that perfectly complements your wedding theme and delights your guests.

Sweet Delights: Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a focal point of your reception, combining visual beauty with delightful flavours.

Advice: Choose a cake designer who can create a bespoke cake that matches your theme and preferences. Don’t be afraid to incorporate unique flavours and intricate designs.

Recommendation: Lucia excels in crafting beautiful and elaborate wedding cakes. Her specialty in delicate sugar flowers ensures that each cake is not only a work of art but also a feast for the palate. Whether you want an extravagant multi-tiered cake or whimsical cupcakes, Lucia’s creations are sure to impress.

Spectacular Celebrations: Fireworks and Live Music

Creating an unforgettable wedding celebration involves more than just beautiful decor and delicious food. Adding unique elements like fireworks and live music can elevate your event, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Advice: Consider incorporating a fireworks display set to music for a magical and memorable experience. Live music can also add a personal touch, creating an atmosphere that reflects your style and sets the perfect mood for your celebration.

Recommendation for Fireworks: If you want to add a spectacular element to your wedding, consider a choreographed fireworks display. Serena specialises in creating musical fireworks displays that are perfectly synchronised to a bespoke soundtrack tailored to your taste. Imagine the magic of fireworks lighting up the sky to the sound of your favourite music, creating a breathtaking spectacle for you and your guests.

Recommendation for Live Music: For an extra special touch, live music is a fantastic addition to any wedding celebration. James Sayer, a talented pianist and singer, can provide the perfect musical backdrop for your event. With experience performing in piano bars, clubs, and even at Coachella, James can tailor his performance to suit your preferences, whether you want classic love songs, contemporary hits, or a mix of genres to get your guests dancing.

Extra Tip: Combining both fireworks and live music can create an extraordinary experience. Start your evening with live piano music during the reception, then transition to a spectacular fireworks display after dinner, all set to a custom soundtrack that enhances the magical atmosphere.

For more inspiration and to find the perfect entertainment for your wedding, visit the entertainment category on Almost Essential.

Bespoke Printing: Invitations and Stationery

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your big day, offering guests a glimpse of what to expect.

Advice: Invest in high-quality, personalised stationery to make a lasting first impression. Consider services that offer calligraphy and custom illustrations for an extra touch of elegance. High-quality paper and printing techniques can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your invitations.

Recommendation: Laura provides bespoke printing services, creating beautiful and cost-effective solutions for all your printing needs. Her creative designs and high-quality materials ensure your invitations are as unique as your wedding. Whether you need personalised stationery, custom-illustrated invitations, or elegant calligraphy, Laura can bring your vision to life.

Capturing Memories: Choosing the Right Photographer

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is the photography. When the day is over, your photographs will be the lasting memories you cherish, so it’s crucial to choose your photographer wisely. This is one area where you simply cannot skimp.

Advice: Invest in a high-quality photographer who can capture the essence of your day. Look for someone with a strong portfolio and experience in a variety of settings. Make sure they have a style that resonates with you and can make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera.

Recommendation: Ian Jones, a renowned social events photographer, brings decades of experience and a prestigious background as a Royal photographer. Ian has covered everything from intimate family moments to grand state occasions. His ability to capture natural, joyful expressions and the essence of the event is unparalleled. Whether your wedding is a grand affair or a small gathering, Ian’s attention to detail and discretion ensures that your special moments are beautifully documented.

Extra Tip: When choosing your venue, consider the photographic opportunities it offers. Beautiful backdrops, natural light, and scenic views can enhance your wedding photos. Make sure to discuss potential photo spots with your photographer to make the most of your venue.

For more information and to book Ian Jones, visit the photography services section on Almost Essential.

The Dream Honeymoon: Planning for your personality

After the wedding, a well-planned honeymoon is the perfect way to start your married life.

Advice: Choose a destination that reflects your shared interests and offers both relaxation and adventure. Personalised travel planning can make your honeymoon even more special. Think about what kind of experiences you both enjoy and find a destination that offers those activities.

Recommendation: Voyager Club provides luxury travel and fashion concierge services, offering bespoke travel experiences and personalised vacation wardrobes delivered to your destination. Their tailored itineraries and exclusive VIP benefits ensure a seamless and unforgettable honeymoon. With Voyager Club, you can explore hidden gems and exclusive private residences around the world, making your honeymoon a unique and memorable adventure.


Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and at Almost Essential, we are committed to making it unforgettable. Explore our curated selection of luxury services and start planning your dream wedding today. If you need assistance with services not listed on our site, Michelle’s Inner Circle is a fantastic resource for additional contacts

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