What is Almost Essential?

A collection of services and gifts curated by Michelle de Biolley around 3 criterias
1. Time-Saving & Easy to Use
2. The Best Independent Brands & Services
3. Competitive Prices
You can book or buy directly from this website Michelle's curated list of reliable London services and independent luxury brands. This list will save you time and money when you need to book a service or buy a thoughtful gift. Michelle has tried and tested everything and ensured they are priced fairly and negotiated some exclusive discount when possible.
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  • “Almost Essential has created a subscription website that functions like an intelligent network, linking the most respected tradesmen with customers that expect the best”
    Belgravia Magazine
  • “Simply the best”
    Kensington and Chelsea magazine
  • “Almost Essential makes life better”
  • “' Almost Essential is a brilliant insider service for Londoners in need of urgent help. It offers seriously upmarket services finding builders, florists, chefs and personal trainers.'”
    Lucia Van der Post, Town and Country magazine
  • “I am a big fan of your service and feel you strike the right note of knowledge and confidence about the suppliers you recommend. ”
    AE tribe member

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