3 Ways Art Experts Stay Ahead Of The Trends

Art can make a difference to your life, but in a world that never stops it can be hard to find the time to appreciate, learn and enjoy it. Staying up to date with latest trends, hot new talents and essential openings is difficult even for the experts – so how do they do it and how can you learn from them?

Here are 3 things that the world’s leading art experts take advantage of that us mere mortals can often only dream of! Read to the end, to learn how you can do the same with one of our reccomended partners.


1. Skipping The Line At Museums

Those recognised in the highest echelons of the art world don’t wait in line to get into their favourite museums. No matter where these people are in the world gallery curators and directors give these experts privileged access to skip the queues and get straight to the art.

2. Cultivating Their Network At Private Views and Invite-Only Events

From private views of the latest MoMA exhibition to invitations to dinner with a world-renowned artist or curator. It’s a small world in the world of art and familiar faces spring up at all these exclusive events. It’s here where expertise, opinion and views are shared behind the scenes, by the people creating the trends of tomorrow.

3. Continually Travelling The World Of Art and Leveraging Insider Tips

Wherever you are in the world, you can guarantee there is art to be discovered. Experts are continuously cultivating their knowledge of international art. Using recommendations from curators, associates and guides on the ground,  art critics and experts rely on their network to decide which exhibits, art fairs, biennales and exhibitions are worth going to.


How You Can Stay Ahead Of The Trends

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