5 Ways To Host The Perfect Autumn Soirée

There’s no denying that the approach of Autumn in London means a certain amount of mourning as we bid farewell to the long, warm Summer days that we’ve so thoroughly enjoyed. But with Autumn comes crisp air and refreshing rain showers to wash away the dust of the city and reveal walks amidst the sunset blur of blazing leaves lining London’s parks. Not to mention a return to the warmth of a cosy pub fire.

Yes, Autumn is a simply marvelous time, with a wonderful sense of seasonal change in the air!

While there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed in London during the Autumn months, there is one thing in particular that we are looking forward to. The opportunity to throw a perfectly cosy and sophisticated Autumn soirée.

To help you host a truly magnificent affair that celebrates the spectacular scenery of the season, we have gathered a few helpful ideas and suggestions, handpicked by Michelle.

Set The Scene

Whether you want to set the tone with a flurry of all things autumnal or simply shape your dinner party into a sophisticated nod towards the change of season, the experience you give your guests comes down to selecting the right touches. From having invitations specially designed, customised flower arrangements, exquisite table settings, and other little touches, our comprehensive list of trusted vendors can help you source everything you need.

Take, for instance, these bespoke table linens, available in many colour combinations for both table cloth and napkins, including personalisation. We also adore the chic, colour-coordinated tableware designs from Themis Z, which will create an unforgettable visual. These designs are especially elevated when combined with the most beautiful flower arrangements by Samantha Davis, who has a passion and unparalleled talent for creating seasonal arrangements and floral decorations with interesting foliages for specialist events, private parties and intimate dinners.

For a more refreshing, contemporary look, we’re smitten with these fluorescent table mats. These made to order perspex table mats are unlike any other table décor offering, with edges that reflect the light. They can be used as table mats or even serving trays and come in a variety of colours. We have to say that the black is sophisticated and sharp, but we can’t seem to take our eyes away from the orange, red, and pink options!

Another stunning option are these waxed linen placemats, made in Italy – so chic, so effortless, and available in an exquisite range of colours and shapes to choose from! These placemats look amazing on any surface, are easily wiped clean and can even be machine washed.

Another special addition to your table are these colourful Biot hand blown glasses, exclusive to Almost Essential. We’re sure you’ll find something to your taste, but Michelle’s top pick are the stemmed glasses of the Duo and Traditional lines, which are a real classic.

Don’t forget that you can browse our online shop to find all sorts of items to compliment your table, from table settings and bamboo cutlery to crystal ice buckets. Just click here.

Skillful Planning

We pride ourselves on our range of curated AE services that can help you with all manner of entertainment needs, from vintage tableware rentals to the perfect gifts for your guests, however we also understand that some prefer to work with a skilled planner. Someone you can entrust with the responsibility of all the details that will bring your dinner event to its final and perfect conclusion.

London is home to many world class party planners, many of whose parties we have attended, but perhaps the most memorable have been those planned by Tom, The Efficient Party Planner. He has a true gift for making all your dreams come true, coming up with the most original ideas for his clients.

Perfect Your Menu

Regardless of whether your festive gathering is on the larger side or an intimate, formal affair, your menu is a crucial part of your dinner, and thankfully, we have a unique selection of talented chefs who are dedicated to creating wonderful food. Depending on what you need, our chefs can help you design your menu and produce dishes with a twist that completes your festive fall gathering. I have taken the time to carefully personally select the chefs endorsed by Almost Essential.

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Creative Cocktails Twists With Seasonal Splashes 


While there’s nothing wrong with classic cocktails, we would say that this is the ideal opportunity to banish the staples from your drinks menu in favour of heartwarming tipples that have been given a creative, autumnal twist. Consider a mimosa that substitutes citrusy flavours with delightful cranberry or plum – a truly delicious and creative autumnal cocktail.

Of course, don’t ignore all the classics! There are some, like a beautiful mulled wine, which will be sure to keep your guests nice and toasty.

What better way to conclude the event than with a final warming glass of mulled wine as the night sky is lit up with an extravagantly colourful pop of musical fireworks. We can testify to the fact that there’s something otherworldly about this unique firework display, choreographed to a bespoke soundtrack – especially when you have a drink in hand.


Thoughtful Gifts 


The last little touch that really cements a dinner party in the minds of your guests is the thoughtfulness of a parting gift. Our online shop is chockablock of carefully selected gifts for everyone and anyone in your life. For instance, there are gifts for the men in your life, which you can shop here, gifts for the ladies that you can peruse over here, and even a wonderful range of options for the teenagers that you can pick and choose from right over here.

If you really want to blow your guests’ socks off, consider wrapping up something a little more weather appropriate. With the temperature dropping, we’d say that the gift of cashmere will stave off the crisp notes in the air! Among our favourites are the cashmere collections designed by Marlin Darlin, whose pieces are made from ethically produced cashmere of the highest quality.

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