Christmas Gifts For Art Lovers

Selecting presents for an artsy friend, when you’re not so artsy yourself can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve taken some of the hard work out for you. Here are Almost Essential’s selection of the best arty presents – from 3-dimensional crafty cards to online art series lectures to feed hungry creative minds – what’s more is that the selection is just one click away.

1. Ink on paper studies by Dominic Beattie

If you haven’t heard of Dominic Beattie, then all you need to know is that his abstract paintings, sculptures, and furniture can be found in renowned galleries including The Saatchi Collection, Soho House and The Howden Collection. Anyone with an interest in modernist principles will appreciate the way Beattie’s works plays with abstraction, and emphasizes that materiality of paint. So, the gift you want to for someone who might like his work are these Ink on Paper A4 prints, which cost £250. They comes framed in a thin pale beech wood frame and each piece is unique.

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2. Oil on Canvas by Karolina Albricht

Polish artist, Karolina Albricht, work with oil on canvas to create abstract shapes and colours that have their own figuration and characteristics. Her work really stimulates the mind and appeal most to anyone with an interest in abstract art or simply something just a bit different.

Almost Essential is selling 14 of her oil on canvas works, with sizes varying between 10/23cm by 13/18cm each. Of the entire selection, we recommend you let your sense guide you and select the pieces which appeal to your own sense of imagination and individuality.

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3. Contemporary Art From JGM Gallery

JGM Gallery, a leading gallery in contemporary art and the leading expert in Aboriginal Art, run by Australian native Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi. If your artsy friend or family member has a penchant for the more contemporary, then it’s certainly worth browsing JGM’s online shop where you can purchase original art work from the gallery itself.

Whilst many of you might already have purchased your Christmas wreaths, one of my favourite current objects that’s also being sold by the gallery are the exclusive Christmas wreaths by Metafleur Director, floral artist Alice McCabe. Among the other pieces you might want to take a look at is the ceramic stoneware vase by Derek Jungarrayi Thompson (pictured) and acrylic on canvas by Ursula Napangardi Marks. We’ll leave it to you to browse their online collection.

Browse Contemporary Art by JGM Gallery

4. 3D Christmas Card Sculptures

With her vivid imagination, Helen creates 3 dimensional letters and words, that are more like sculptures than simple Christmas cards. Each of her designs are one-offs, incredibly intricate and thoughtful, even incorporating cut out pictures of your loved, who will be receiving the gift.

Craftily minded souls will appreciate the range of materials Helen incorporates into her compositions, from handbag leather to sequins. Her cards are guaranteed to be unlike any other car you’ve received or given in the past.

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5. Online Art Lectures

A subscription service like no other, this is surely the nicest way to learn about art. Prepare coffee and cake and begin watching various online videos about art with some of London’s top art lecturers. This online portal allows you explore a varied range of themes including; Contemporary Art, Modern British Art, Photography, Fashion and Jewellery, and several which are linked to current major exhibitions and art fairs in London.

Think of this as a bit like subscribing to TED Talks crossed with Netflix. There are three different types of membership: a Discovery Day Pass which is £5.00, a Monthly Subscription at £8.99 per month; and an Annual Membership at £88.00 per year – three options to give as gift no matter who you are buying for. Why not try it yourself even?

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