Discreet and Dedicated Concierge Services for Busy Londoners

It’s been said that you can’t have it all. 

Time-poor people in London with a demanding schedule and a busy life understand this all too well. Therefore, a little assistance from someone who can deliver quality services with an emphasis on providing personalised attention is certainly useful. 

If you’re among those who need discreet, personal concierge service, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

Michelle’s Unique Concierge Services

Specialists are sought because of their particular expertise. A specialist concierge, such as Michelle and the team at Almost Essential (AE), provide the new kind of services today’s luxury lifestylers seek. With a constant eye on the future, Michelle continually reinvents the service needs of tomorrow to ensure your experience is enhanced and rewarding in every way possible.

Thanks to Michelle’s meticulous research and personal contacts, she has unparalleled access to luxury options. AE’s reputation for confidentiality and personal discernment is longstanding, built on her strong networks. Michelle and her team are fully equipped to plan and arrange for your needs, deal seamlessly with the unexpected, and when it comes to you – the sky is the limit.

Concierge Service Management Portfolio 

Typical concierge groups can handle charters, reservations, transportation, entertainment, and accommodation requests. An extraordinary concierge service understands the value of personal attention tailored to each occasion you find yourself in London.

Luxury lifestyle services exist to carve out precious time for busy executives and their families. Your list of engagements, appointments, and obligations must still factor in time for gift purchasing, multiple wardrobe changes, and ongoing salon treatments.

On occasion, the time needed in London equates to a mini-relocation. That requires a different level of expertise than one normally imagines asking of a concierge service, but not so Michelle and AE.  Few concierge services include expertise in locating spectacular places to rent for longer stays and possible adjustments and improvements. 

Tutors for children, renovators to render something excellent into something perfect, and placing you in relation to your circle of operation, are among the unique specialties Michelle offers.

Executive London Concierge Services 

If there is one thing a concierge service provides, it is time. As a busy executive in London, your plate will already be full. You need someone who has your back on the countless thoughtful gestures you need once you’ve arrived. 

It is a matter of trust that you place your calendar in the hands of your selected concierge service. That is often handled some time ahead of your trip so that your arrival begins with everything in place well ahead of schedule. 

Some of the essentials that a personalised team such as AE (Almost Essential) does to save you time include:

  • Personal finance – We sympathise with how complicated things get in your personal affairs while you’re away in a busy city like London. Finance consulting simply means handing the headaches over to a professional to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Staffing services – From mundane necessities to life and death bodyguarding, you don’t need to feel exposed and vulnerable at any time. Trained, discreet and professional is what you need across the entire staffing and security spectrum.

  • Transport and Car Services – A chauffeur-driven vehicle of your choice to meet you at the airport? Your regular London vehicle needs repairs? We’ve got you covered. Your needs for servicing, repairs, car rentals, or chauffering need to operate like clockwork to get you to where you need to be in good time.

  • Health and Beauty – Here is where the time saved can be used for your personal well-being requirements. Keeping your exercise routine going, taking in a much-needed massage, and locating a hair salon for the duration of your stay may be what you arrange for yourself and for your partners if you’re executing a company affair.

  • A Lifestyle Nutritionist could be consulted beforehand to determine your needs and how they can be best served while in London. At the very least, contact with someone reputable while you’re possibly consuming foods you don’t regularly partake of will ensure your system remains in tip-top condition.

  • Corporate Gifts – Discerning AE clients well-known that Michelle rolls out a quality repertoire of corporate gifts for all occasions and events. Naturally, her collections and recommendations include the more personal gifts you may need for the friends and family you meet while in London. Best of all, specific ideas are always welcome and will be sourced, parcelled, and delivered ahead of your schedule.

A Word of Assurance from London’s Concierge Services Specialist

Dependability and discretion are the foundations of a good reputation. If that work ethic is fueled by dedication and passion, then you have the perfect concierge profile for luxury bespoke lifestyle management.

Your only need is Michelle’s personal assurance:

‘Having cherry-picked the very best London has to offer, Almost Essential saves you time while ensuring that you receive impeccable service. Across my website, you will discover a wide range of services, from service providers like plumbers and electricians to luxury ones like party planners. But no matter how diverse, they are all reliable, professional, friendly and fairly priced’.

AE is up for your exacting requirements because your London experience is our business. Your comfort, your time, and your needs are our priority. Whether you are a resident Londoner or a visitor for any length of time, you need a friend who gets the job done and makes you look good.

Going beyond the call of duty is the Almost Essential ethic. We, as discreet and dedicated concierge services are at your beck and call and to be sure, no task or request is too large or too small.

Visit our website for more information on https://www.almostessential.com/or email us at michedeb@almostessential.com. ‎