En Vogue: Chrome Yellow


…a vivid yellow created from lead chromate. Yellow comes from the Old English ‘geolo’ meaning gold.


“By journeying into the monochrome we discover how colours cue our emotions, memories, senses and the world around us. This week, after travels to Japan and Amsterdam, I am investigating chrome yellow, the vivid hue beloved by artists who want to bring a strong sense of sunshine and happier days into their work – like Vincent Van Gogh, who was so obsessed he sometimes ate the pigment, or Yayoi Kusama and her tentacled pumpkins. Chrome yellow is the colour of spring, offering joy, kindness, humour, spontaneity and the vitality of a life lived boldly. But like the striped wasp, it has a sting in its tail: cowardice, jealousy, over indulgence.”


chrome yellow


These wonderful words are written by award winning artist and photographer, Andrea Hamilton, founder of The Colour Project. For the last 20 years Andrea has endeavored to record colours that are found only in nature. Her latest project collates her work on colour into encyclopedic form and serves as an invaluable source of inspiration for architects, designers, writers and other creatives.

From the wild flower meadows of dandelions and buttercups blossoming at this week’s Chelsea Flower Show, to a host of exquisite products now available on Almost Essential, we’re noticing the beginning of a trend for all things chrome yellow.

When searching for Chrome Yellow in everyday life, Andrea’s website records lots of natural inspiration, but before you visit take a look at some of these lucid items below. There are a whole host of ways to introduce Chrome Yellow into an almost essential life and we are pleased to share with you a few of our suggestions.

70’s Style Fluorescent Trays

Introduce chrome yellow and a retro touch, when serving the drinks at your next garden party.

Biot Hand Blown Glassware

Artisan design from the South of France showcases this vitality, associated to this colour.

Waxed Linen Table Mats

Stylish and easy to clean fabric from Italy. Our last pick for the perfect dinners host makes this collection complete.

waxed line yellow mat