Plan a Luxury Easter Holiday With Almost Essential

The Easter holidays are fast approaching, and for one reason or the other, you might be at a loss as to what to do. That’s understandable. The past two years have all but sped past at quite the pace. Added to that, because of the previous restrictions around travel, many of us have gotten out of the habit of making travel plans and may very well be a bit rusty.

That’s why we are here. The team at Almost Essential has taken note of the gradual easing of travel restrictions and put together this handy guide to help you make the most of this opportunity to escape from your normal life and get away during this year’s Easter holidays.

After all, for many of you this will be your first chance to get away in search of the glowing warmth of sunshine, good social cheer, and memories to be treasured for years to come. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed and robbed of the joy and relaxation of the season.

Unflappable Plans

The opportunities for travelling abroad have all but exploded, with many countries abolishing or at least easing restrictions. There are those European countries, for example, who have completely lifted all Covid-related restrictions, including Norway, Iceland, Slovenia, and Ireland, while others have eased their protocols, such as Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, and France.

Figuring out where to go is half the job, if you ask us. There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right destination that suits your family or group, offers the experiences you want, and ultimately, serves the purpose of your holiday.

What you need is someone to provide you with a curated list of destinations, unique hotels and holiday properties and give you access to global concierge services that will look after your every travel need.

Thankfully, we are well placed to assist you in this regard. We can connect you with experts who design travel and holiday plans, travel curators,  a bespoke ski travel agency to plan a ski holiday with flair, and even specific holiday experts who can offer authentic experiences and a privileged view of The Andes and Galapagos.

No matter what kind of Easter holiday you dream of, we can connect you with a dynamic team of specialists who are in possession of invaluable knowledge that will facilitate your travel plans. More than the right destination, the travel experts we can connect you with a team who takes great care to get to know you and invests time into planning every detail of your trip – including little-known insights and unrivalled experiences.

Ultimately, we are of the opinion that a great holiday is marked by attention to detail, where you just know that from the moment you set off you are able to relax, shake off the anxieties from these past few years, and jet off knowing that even if there are any wrinkles, there is someone to turn to who can smooth them out.

Your Holiday Wardrobe

A new destination, replete with luxurious dining opportunities, adventures, and unique experiences, requires a customised wardrobe. One that offers you the choice of comfort, style, and protection so that whatever you do and wherever you go, you’ll have the right outfit.

That’s why we’re so pleased that we can connect you with the team from Voyager Club, who can provide you with just such a personalised vacation wardrobe. (They do offer a full luxury travel, lifestyle and concierge service from hidden gems of holiday accommodation to your perfect wardrobe, well worth your while to take a closer look at their amazing inclusive service offering)

This way, if your perfect trip includes an adventure into nature then you’ll have the right footwear to carry you off into the great outdoors, however if your sport of choice is a spot of shopping in Tuscany before returning to the villa and dressing for drinks with the family, you’ll have your choice of elegant garments – including a pair of buttery soft yet sturdy leather loafers.

Knowing just how easy it is to think of everyone else but yourself, we take pride in connecting our clients with experts like the prestigious Voyager Club, who provide a bespoke, personalised vacation wardrobe that will work with your itinerary.

Of course, if you would like to plan your own holiday wardrobe and merely need to complement your closet with a few choice items, then look no further then our own fashion stylists and designers.

Nightwear: Chic, luxury nightwear for men and women by Iona Debarge.

Stylish pieces: Dazzle them every day with pieces that take you from morning to night with this capsule collection by Lexy London.

Stunning dress by Catherine Prevost (with a 10% discount for AE tribe members), and bespoke cashmere garments by Carmen Basilique.

Accessorise: Look to Sonia Petroff for couture fashion accessories to bring that effortless Italian flair (with a 10% discount for AE tribe members), chic small handbags by Sophie Habsburg Handbags, and exotic leather accessories for that timeless elegance by Cape Cobra (known for manufacturing leather creations for the likes of Oscar de la Renta).

Don’t Forget the Special Touches 

This is the perfect time to truly relax and indulge. So why not treat yourself to those little luxury touches that bring a glow to your cheek and lightness to your soul?

Nothing says indulgence like a relaxing skincare routine, which is why we recommend treating yourself to fresh, uncomplicated skincare products and tools that boost your skin’s natural systems, like a trio of full-sized skincare from Desavery Skincare or a face and body beauty tool by Hayo’u. Their beauty restorer allows you to target fine lines, is super cooling, and can help you sculpt, life, and plump your complexion.

It’s the perfect companion for your holiday!

Luxury Gifts

The last little touch is the thoughtfulness of gifts that you can bestow upon your travel companions, ensuring that you start the holiday as you mean to go on – with fun, spoils, and laughter.

Michelle has carefully selected a range of gifts for the men in your life, which you can shop here, gifts for the ladies that you can peruse over here, and even a wonderful range of options for the teenagers that you can pick and choose from right over here.

Connect With Almost Essential

Each of our ideas and suggestions, as well as the services and independent luxury brands we have spoken about today are available to be bought or booked directly from this website. Importantly, everything here comes from Michelle’s painstakingly curated list and we want you to know that Michelle and her team have gone above and beyond to ensure that everything recommended can be trusted, relied on, and is priced fairly.

As an added benefit, there are a number of exclusive discounts that have been negotiated for Almost Essential followers.

Happy holidays!