UK Lockdown is Over: Let’s Explore Life

Welcome back to life as we once knew it! 

Enduring over a year of isolation, loss, and worry has certainly taken its toll on us all. Nevertheless, we must move forward and look for silver linings wherever we can find them. 

Let’s get ready for life after lockdown the best way we know how.

Get Ready to Get Out

Have you missed your friends and family? I know I have. 

With social events starting to roll out and the exciting possibility of entertaining we want to peel away those sweatpants and return to the fabulous person we were before the sofa became our new best friend. 

Wellness, Inside and Out

The effect of organic, cold-pressed juices on whole-body wellness cannot be overstated. 

NDTV Food comments on the effect of carrot and beetroot juice saying, “Carrot and beetroot juice is one of the best elixirs in the bay and how. Beetroot is power packed with essential nutrients including potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, manganese and vitamin C, all of which are known to purify blood that further leads to a glowing skin. Carrot contains vitamin A that fights acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.” 

Get back your lost vigour and vitality with these incredible juices. 

Have you missed your massage? Why not take it one step further and enjoy a body-morphing Remodelage Massage to shape and tone your body? You’ll be amazed at the effect – I’ve experienced this for myself.

And of course, no wellness strategy is completed without a suitable exercise program. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious then a personalised home training session is for you. If you’re a little braver, then hit the gym! 

Finish off with a relaxing facial and touch up those lashes, and you’re ready to go.

Support Local Businesses 

Our amazing restaurants and bars in London have taken a hammering during the lockdown. As they open and try to regain some form of equilibrium, why not pay them a visit? Be gentle with returning staff, patient with anxious waitrons, and supportive of new procedures. 

With warmer weather approaching, you may want to start with some of the best London rooftop restaurants for some al fresco dining. 

Visit London advises us. “Head up to the 14th floor of The Hoxton, Southwark hotel, and gaze out at the stunning views from Seabird, a seafood restaurant with one of London’s longest oyster lists. Enjoy the selection of sea-to-table offerings, including Mediterranean-inspired small plates plus treats from the plancha and charcoal grill.”

One of London’s best-kept secrets is a quaint courtyard in Covent Garden. Neal’s Yard is beautifully adorned with vibrant colours and seasonal flowers and is home to a few small shops and cafes. Sipping a delicious coffee in this hidden gem and browsing the charming little shops is the perfect way to ease into outdoor life. 

Local Markets and Gardens

Foodies of London come together at the Borough Market near London Bridge. Fresh organic produce, British fruits and vegetables, and international delicacies abound. If you’re looking forward to entertaining and you connect through food love to cook for your friends and family, then this will be a wonderfully welcome morning out. 

A Royal Park for over 400 years, Richmond Park still maintains a soft tranquillity with gentle hills and woodland gardens. Wildlife hides among ancient trees as you wander quietly through this beautiful space, enjoying the fresh outdoor air and the soul-drenching peace.

Image Credit– Cath Gothard Photography

Free but Freezing

As eager as we are to get back to the great outdoors, we still have a few weeks before the weather warms up a little more. That’s okay, we’ve thought of that too.

A personalised fleece blanket will stave off the chill. These high-quality beautiful fleece blankets are part of the everyday home accessories in Scandinavia and can be used at home or for a picnic, garden, or a chalet terrace.

If you prefer something a little more snug, then jump online and order one of these stunning alpaca throws. I completely fell in love with these luxurious, quality throws made from Alpaca wool. The products are manufactured in the United States and in Peru utilizing the incredible handiwork of local artisans who continue the pre-Incan tradition of working alpaca fibers. 

UK Lockdown is Over

We’re all sure to be excited about this new chapter of our lives. May we approach it with a fresh mindset and an appreciation for the more important things in life.

The eerie silence on London streets is about to burst back into life. 

Let’s celebrate together and (safely) enjoy the company of special friends, the taste of meals freshly prepared with love, and the freedom to explore this forever intriguing and captivating city that we call home.