Luxury Travel Essentials to Enhance Your Holiday Experience

As the days get longer and you begin to shrug off winter’s icy hold as you start the joyous transition into spring, I’m sure that you’re giving some thoughtful consideration to your upcoming holiday plans.  Indeed, selecting the perfect destination as well as your luxury travel accessories require some careful planning.

I’ve long been an advocate of personalised experiences, bespoke services and making use of specialists in their field – especially when it comes to travel.

As it happens, one survey conducted in 2018 shows clearly how personalisation is becoming more and more important to the travel experience, with luxury travellers agreeing that their personal preferences or past behaviours should dictate the information and experience they require.

What do you consider to be luxury travel essentials?

My experience has shown me that the following broad categories all contribute to the overall experience and should be carefully considered when planning your holiday.

Travel Destinations

Location, Location, Location

Without a doubt, your choice of destination is the key driver to your overall experience and one which should deliver exactly what you expect. Let’s look at some examples:

Ibiza Wiz

Will this holiday season find you in the mood for a carefree, tranquil, beach holiday? Admittedly, Ibiza may not spring to mind as the place of choice to fulfil these needs. But did you know that a short 2.5-hour flight deposits you on a gorgeous Spanish island with azure blue seas, white sandy beaches and … the most incredible hideaways?

Founder of Ibiza Wiz, Olivia Bowlby has made it her mission to create a highly individual service for those wanting to experience the “other” Ibiza.

You are whisked away from the noise and commercialism of your everyday life to your perfect location, whether it be a charming old Spanish farmhouse tucked away in the hills, a boutique B&B or a classy, modern villa. If you desire, your venue is stocked with fresh local fruit and vegetables, just-caught seafood or organic meats.

Fill lazy days with your choice of bespoke yoga classes, organic treatments or even a private trip on an Eco catamaran.

Go Wild in Asia

Does the feel of a hot wind against your face, the sound of torrential rain or the smell of the earth baking in the sun attract you? For those who yearn for adventure – the thrill of immersing yourself in magnificent wildlife, breath-taking sunsets and voyaging into the jungle – then wildlife travel expert, Jack, is the man to speak to.

With Burma, Nepal and Bhutan as his backyard Jack has created beautifully memorable experiences centred around educating travellers about endangered wildlife. Explore this fascinating region by boat, experience the rich culture of the Bhutanese lands, or negotiate the Himalayas by Royal Enfield motorcycles – all without sacrificing comfort.

If your holiday mood leans toward ancient cultures, unusual customs and fascinating new discoveries, then we have just the thing. Let’s go East where you will require the services of Sarah Keenlyside who creates bespoke signature experiences into the depths of China.

Be The Best You

Of course, once you’ve decided on your destination, you may well turn your attention inward.

Has winter left you feeling a little less fabulous than usual?

Now is the perfect time to get into shape and tone up that beach body in preparation for your much-anticipated getaway.

Home & Outdoor Personal Training

We all need some extra motivation at times, and I have personally found Michael to be an enormous help. Michael is a qualified personal trainer with a host of additional skills which he will bring directly to your home.

His tailored approach is a breath of fresh air as he helps you understand what your body needs and why. Train at home, outdoors, or wherever you prefer with Michael at your side to spur you on.

Pilates & Yoga

It’s no secret that these gentle, mindful exercises help to tone and strengthen us while offering numerous health benefits.

If you plan on stripping down and cooling off while you’re away this summer, then a personalised Pilates program may be just what you need to bring out your most confident, vibrant self.

I have curated a selection of tried and trusted professionals to help you on your way:

Beauty Products

Bronze Up Beautifully

Two of the most exciting products I have discovered lately are Colour Shield and Colour Shield Glow from AllEven. These revolutionary spray tans are odourless and dry instantly, leaving behind a beautiful, natural glow – while hiding any imperfections on your skin.

These two products have been developed with some of Europe’s top chemists and most effective ingredients, and are the first products of their kind. Both the Colour Shield and Glow work to perfect the appearance of the skin whilst providing protection against sun damage.

Both are available in four shades. And these ingenious products protect, hydrate and conceal instantly. Certainly, a must for before, during and after your travels. My personal favourite is the Colour Shield Glow.

Travel Accessories

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of your planning will include finding the right travel bags. Our youngsters may well prefer a personalised holdall – a robust, vintage-inspired bag which they can take on the plane or to the gym.

You may prefer a sturdy yet stylish monogrammed matching bag set. If so, we have a range of travel bags and holdalls which are bound to suit your individual taste.

Of course, every holiday needs music to set the mood. Have you seen the wireless speakers available on our site? With excellent sound quality, as well as being lightweight and waterproof, they are the perfect addition to the perfect holiday.

Travel in Luxury with Almost Essential

We have so many exciting destinations, incredible experiences and practical products to make your summer holiday the most memorable yet.

Feel free to scan through our suggested destinations, products, and offers online for all your luxury travel essentials. And remember, if you simply don’t have the time to prepare for your travels, I am only a phone call away.

Michelle xo