6 Ways Our Personal Concierge Service Help You Move to London

Moving anywhere, let alone the busy life force that is London, can be overwhelming and overridden with unforeseen challenges and expenses. It simply makes sense to turn to the experts who manage every detail of your move on your behalf. Over the years, we have assisted many a family and individual in their journey from their previous home to London or within London, tailoring our services to include an emphasis on dedicated, discreet, and personalised attention.

At Almost Essential, Michelle relies on her unparalleled access to a strong network of tried and tested service providers, meticulous research, and personal discernment to help you, your family, and all your belongings make your move to or within London a seamless process.

In short, we are fully equipped to plan and arrange for your needs, deal with the unexpected, and where possible, apply that little touch of luxury that makes your transition as pleasurable as possible.

What We Consider During Your Move

There are all sorts of things to consider when moving to London. After all, it’s not just about which moving company should be entrusted with all your worldly possessions. Would it be that simple! In light of the fact that there’s so much more to it than physically transporting furniture, we consider a range of areas. Additionally, we approach each relocation with the understanding that each move is unique and the portfolio of services must be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

For example, you may merely require a spot of help finding the right service provider, such as the right hairdresser in your new area or something more complex like a renovation team to help you remodel your new accommodation into a home that is uniquely your own. Alternatively, you may need to ‘hit the ground running,’ so to speak, and require a more comprehensive, hands-on approach. In this case, you would need assistance throughout the entire moving process, including choosing a suitable area with proximity to preferred amenities in relation to your circle of operation, a selection of only appropriately spectacular homes to rent or buy to view, assistance with settling into a new school system, employing tutors for children, and even connecting you with service providers whom you can trust with staffing, transport, and wellbeing needs.

Simply, by allowing our extraordinary personal concierge service to step in, we can save you from running around, managing all aspects of this mammoth undertaking on your own, while also removing the uncertainty and frustration of figuring out which service provider to rely on.

Our Concierge Service Management Portfolio 

While typical concierge groups can handle reservations, transportation, and accommodation requests, it takes the unique specialties that Michelle offers to help our clients move to London. When combined with the kind of personal attention that factors in ongoing engagements, appointments, and obligations that must be met even during your relocation, you can be assured of a seamless transition.

Here is a sample of our Concierge Services:

  • Personal Finance – In spite of most aspects of life going digital, your physical relocation could disrupt your financial affairs. We can assist with finance consulting so that you can simply hand the headaches over to a professional to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Home and Design – Turn to Michelle’s secret list of services and products to beautifully dress your space with designer furniture, tableware, and much more. We can even connect you with the right upholsterers and curtain makers, home stylist, architect, or specialised interior design team to turn your unique dreams into a bespoke reality.
  • Schooling Advice – Finding the right school can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the educational system, which is why we can connect you with education consultants, tutors, and the likes of UK university applications and Oxbridge applications experts.
  • Household and Security Staff – Whether you’re looking for household staff, like a housekeeper, butler, driver, and chef, or if your lifestyle requires security or a more complicated set up, talk to us.
  • Transport and Car Services – Let our team arrange the chauffeur-driven vehicle of your choice, deliver precious cargo, and even assist with vehicle repair and maintenance arrangements.
  • Health and Beauty – We understand how important it is to continue with your health and wellbeing goals, so let us make all the arrangements for you, from personal trainers and masseurs to skincare specialists, hair stylists, and even connect you with trusted beauty advice from celebrated Beauty Editor, Olivia Facon, to keep you looking your best.

At Almost Essential we take great pride in being able to introduce you to the very best services and gifts that London has to offer. We have also imbued every encounter with a sense of dependability and discretion so that you can rely on the perfect concierge profile for your luxury bespoke lifestyle management.

If you’re among those who need a specialised, personal concierge service, no matter how complex or exacting you consider your moving requirements to be, we are here to help. Your time, your needs, and your comfort are our priority and we are committed to making your move to London a simple, uncomplicated affair.

Visit our website for more information on https://www.almostessential.com/or email us at michedeb@almostessential.com. ‎