London Fashion For Your Autumnal Wardrobe

Wondering what to wear in London this Autumn? Looking for good quality, timeless pieces that will define your personal style as the weather turns cooler? While we’re sure that you can find wonderful pieces in stores, the very best in fashion, particularly in slow fashion, can’t always be found on the high street.

We’ve got you covered, with a treasure trove of gorgeous fashion and accessories that can help create your distinctive personal expression.

With London Fashion Week upon us, we’ve found ourselves inspired to highlight a number of designers and pieces that we think you’ll just adore for your Autumnal wardrobe. We’ve even included links to make it easier for you to view and buy.

Happy reading (and shopping)!

A Quick Word About Slow Fashion

Fashion used to be a simple matter of buying clothes when a shift in seasons or trends occurred. New lines would only be released two or three times a year, but now, in a world of celebrities and social media, there’s a new line of clothing released every other week.

The result is fast fashion – trendy, cheap clothes produced at the cost of the environment.

The complete opposite is slow fashion, which focuses on higher quality, sustainably produced garments that adhere to a comprehensive and ethical approach.

At Almost Essential, we believe in slow fashion. We believe in the fair wages, support to smaller businesses, the lower carbon footprint, and better quality, longer lasting garments, all of which are benefits commonly associated with slow fashion designers and brands.

Now, let’s shop!


Dresses To Wow

What we love about dresses is how there are options for every taste and style, not to mention their versatility. You can, if you’ll pardon the pun, dress them up or down, with heels or trainers. The key is to find well made, flattering dresses that suit your purpose.

Whenever we think of dresses, Lexy London’s capsule collection of beautiful, flattering dresses and skirts in vibrant colours and gorgeous patterns springs to mind. These flowing dreams are the work of former stylist, Ellen Wiggin, and even in cooler climes, they layer well for an elegant, warmer look.

Click Here to discover Lexy London.

If there’s a designer whose dresses can instantly put you in a good mood, it’s Catherine Prevost. This super elegant fashion brand truly embraces femininity and flair, empowering you with a look that’s effortlessly chic. Not only are her dresses great to wear morning to evening, in town or on holidays, but they are made locally and support sustainable fashion.

Click Here to find out more about Catherine Prevost’s iconic dresses.

Statement Cashmere

What’s better than cashmere? Cashmere that’s designed specifically for you by Carmen Basilique. This beautiful ‘couture’ knitwear brand relies exclusively on organic materials to produce unique designs and they work closely with you to tailor pieces specifically for your body and preferences. This gives you the unique opportunity to influence some aspects of the design or even design a piece from scratch.

Click Here to discover Carmen Basilique.

Alternatively, we also love Malin Darlin, a contemporary, high quality, cashmere knitwear brand known for its stylish simplicity and collections that combine luxury and neutral tones with pops of bright colour. We adore the relaxed and modern style imbued with a luxurious street feeling, and we just know that you will, too!

Click Here for more on Malin Darlin.


Silken Pops Of Colour

– Prices start at £185

We’re besotted with the discovery of Foulara, the brand behind the reintroduction of the silken squares, commonly known as the foulard. Designed by Florentine creative and founder, Larissa Castellano Pucci, each print is a physical representation of Florence, articulated through a mixture of watercolours, 3D, sketches, and film photography.

Not only does Foulara work with Italian family-run businesses to bring to life a collection of hand-drawn prints in various dimensions, but the foulards are only produced in limited editions of 79.

Essentially, if you like one you should buy it now.

We have to say that the dreamy detail which really drew us in is that this is a zero waste brand. With the leftover silk, Larissa creates the ‘tagliatelle,’ a line of bandanas or belts, which has fast become coveted by teenagers.

Click Here to discover Foulara.

Dazzling Jewellery 

Historically, Catherine Prevost is known as a prolific jewellery designer, beloved by the international jetsetters. Her jewellery and accessories are in keeping with her vision to create glamourous pieces using local English craftsmanship. Her jewellery is also fun – which is why it’s a firm favourite with Michelle.

Click Here to find out more about Catherine Prevost jewellery.

We are also privileged to be acquainted with Contessina London, a design-led brand based in London and Athens. The fashion and jewellery designer in question is the exceptional Clara Poulantza. With her love for the elaborate, fine and delicate, she has created sophisticated and feminine jewellery lines that are light, durable, and easy-to-wear. This is exquisitely captured in her collections which showcase a contemporary honouring of the fine artisan lace-making techniques that have been so appreciated in Europe by both royalty and the aristocracy since the 1400s.

Click Here to discover this brand or chat to Lois Cox in London, who will be delighted to walk you through the collection.

Beautiful Bags

Bags aren’t merely a means to carry around your belongings, although there are times when this is essential to the day’s activities. Bags are also our most visible fashion accessory, acting as an extension of our outfit, style, and personality.

Whenever we’re feeling full of fun, we’re drawn to Prettysac, a drawstring pouch you can carry everywhere as arm candy while keeping your hands free. This colourful little bag dangles from your wrist and comes in a wide array of prints. We love how each series is a limited edition, allowing you to build up a unique collection for different seasons, outfits, and occasions.

Click Here to see more.

There are times when a slouchy tote is just what the fashionista ordered! Michelle has been a longstanding fan of Anya Hindmarch’s outstanding collection of sustainable leather accessories. It’s not just the slouchy tote that we adore… we also can’t do without her travel bag and leather travel accessories.

Of course, we have our favourites from her collection, but what we really love is that each season she comes up with a new line of must-haves to update your seasonal wardrobe with.

Click Here to discover more.

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