Essential Travel Tips for This Season

What better time to start planning a trip to some of Europe’s top destinations with spring on the horizon, heralding the promise of warmer months ahead! It’s time to start packing away the winter wardrobe and give yourself a well-earned break in some of the UK’s most popular neighbouring holiday spots. Or, will it be an adventure of a lifetime as you venture beyond Europe?

Anything’s possible when you put your mind to it, including that wild holiday in South America, Africa or Asia. Anything is possible when deciding on your travel destination for this season. It’s about reaching for the sky and of course, doing some planning with expert travel services.

Half the fun of planning a holiday lies in picking the destination, prepping for that holiday look, getting the necessary travel accessories, and a brand new wardrobe! Imagine being able to do all of this in one place. We’ve got your travel needs sorted, no matter where your dream holiday this season is happening. Keep reading to find out more as we share essential travel tips for this season!

Where Are You Going? Picking a Dream Destination 

The world is open to travellers again and you can pick from a huge range of dream destinations for your travel experience this season. Whether your location is in Europe or in some far off dreamy place, we’ve got you covered with our array of travel services and expert advice.

Spain is still the number one travel spot for U.K. holidaymakers who don’t want to go far but are seeking a dose of sunshine and luxury. Personalising your travelling plans becomes a whole lot easier when you use Origin, a tech-savvy but human-centric travel company that designs private luxury trips to meet your wildest dreams! Exploring Spain with Origin is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Maybe your idea of a fabulously luxurious holiday this season includes a private villa in the French countryside or cresting the waves on the pristine beaches of Aquitaine, France. Or, how about lazy days in a luxurious villa, soaking up the hot sun on the island of Paxos, Greece? We recommend Voyager Club for all your bespoke travel experiences that include stunning villa stays.

How about venturing beyond the borders of Europe and booking an exotic holiday in Thailand or Peru in South America? These wild, adventure experiences will have you creating incredible memories of a lifetime especially if you use the curators of extraordinary travels, cazenove+loyd.  This team of travel experts will help you design an exhilarating journey of a lifetime!

Marisol and her team in Lima are my recommended holiday experts for South America, offering unique itineraries and authentic experiences without sacrificing luxury or comfort. With their expertise and connections, they can plan a personalised trip based on your interests and offer hand-picked accommodations, as well as access to specialists in art, archaeology, gastronomy, and culture.

Preparing Your Holiday Look

Whether it’s a whole new look or simply lavish eyelashes and a haircut, Almost Essential is here for you. Browse through our list of beauty services and start preparing your holiday look from top to toe.

Our beauty expert has got your sorted with her recommendation of services and you can get any of the following done before you head off for your dream travel experience:

• Natural eyelash extensions
• Red carpet facials
• Semi-permanent make-up (ideal for looking glam even on the beach!)
• Therapeutic massage to ease you into the holiday spirit

Whether it’s an all-over body treatment or a mobile salon that comes to your home, our recommended beauty services will have you prepped up with your holiday look! All you have to do is make that call and book your beauty treatment before your trip begins.

Focus on Getting the Best In Travel Accessories

The Alpaca Travel Set is the ultimate luxury when travelling on long-haul flights, lengthy road trips or even the overnight train ride. Wrapping up in a hypoallergenic 100 percent baby alpaca blanket will give you the shut-eye you need so you can arrive at your destination refreshed. The travel set includes an eye mask too, making it easier to sleep even if it’s daytime!

You’ve got the luggage but using textured calf leather tags will ensure you identify your bags instantly when waiting for them at the airport carousel. These luggage tags come in seven distinct colours plus you can personalise them with your own initials. No more stressing about arriving at your luxury villa with someone else’s luggage!

Talking about personalisation – how about monogramming your holiday accessories or even better, gifting your travel companion with personalised vacation gear? You can choose from over 50 different monogram font styles and thread colours. How’s that for turning your travel gear or gift into a bespoke item that stands out on the beach, in the countryside or at the train station?


Last But Not Least – Design Your Holiday Wardrobe

Designing your holiday wardrobe depends a whole lot on where you’re going, the weather and the type of activities you intend to do while travelling. Are your days going to be spent visiting wine farms, tanning next to your own private pool or hiking through the Andes? Will you be partying the night away at high-end nightclubs or sipping champagne under starry nights in the middle of Africa?

Having the right gear ensures you holiday in comfort and style. If you’re looking for glamorous dresses and skirts in various designs, colours and patterns, Lexy London is your solution. Created by a former stylist, Lexy London is a capsule collection of tailored, flattering dresses suitable for all tastes and styles. You’ve just prettied up your holiday wardrobe with this delightful collection.

If true couture is more your style, Nina Morris is the ultimate fashion collection for your unique dress taste. Every item is made with love and exquisite craftsmanship. Only the best fabric is used and every piece is made in Nina’s own atelier based in London. What’s more, your Nina Morris holiday wear will last you for many years.

Imagine stepping out for a night on the town (be it Paris, Rome or Monaco) wearing beautifully crafted hand lace jewellery with precious gems? Well, you can when you select an item or two from the Contessina London jewellery collection. The designs are inspired by art and nature with each piece handcrafted with premium-quality materials. How’s that for adding a touch of sophistication?

Every holiday wardrobe, no matter where your destination is, should include quality exotic leather accessories made with high standards. Adding a touch of timeless elegance won’t go amiss and you can do it effortlessly with the Cape Cobra collection of quality handbags, totes, clutches, wallets, belts and more.

These swimming trunks are truly exceptional.

They tick all the boxes when it comes to quality craftsmanship, colours, and shape. The collection is exclusively hand made in Italy from the finest materials and is inspired by the beautiful coastal region of Maremma in Tuscany. The fast-drying material is coloured with natural extracts to respect the environment. If you’re looking for a touch of personalization, the plain trunks can be monogrammed with your initials. The packaging is also beautiful, fully recyclable, and biodegradable.

If you are looking for the complete done for you solution then we highly recommend the voyager club making sure every detail down to your wardrobe is handled for you, so you can just arrive, unwind and enjoy.

A Final Word for the Ultimate Travel Experience

We want to ensure you get the most out of your holiday experience this season. It’s so easy to book your dream vacation using our list of recommended travel specialists who are passionate about giving you the journey of a lifetime. Head over to our website for more details.

But we don’t stop there! Our team of experts has put together everything you need from beauty services to purchasing the ultimate holiday wardrobe, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your dream holiday at the touch of a button. All the services and independent brands mentioned here are easily accessible on our website for your convenience!

No matter where you’re heading to this season, our essential travel tips, services and products have you covered.