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In our current times of social media where everyone gets to judge you and your life in an instant, it is even more important that young people are strong, resilient and filled with the belief that they are on the right track.

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What is bone broth?

Food and Wine Health and Beauty

Jennifer, the founder of of the best take away broths in town explains to Almost Essential why bone broth is good for you

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Need To Know: The game changing beauty products by Olivia Falcon

Health and Beauty Need to Know-Olivia Falcon

I asked top Beauty editor, Olivia Falcon to share with Almost Essential the game changing beauty products that transformed her beauty routine.

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Get your red carpet fashion moment


With the red carpet events like Grammys and Bafta, I could not resist but to ask my favourite stylist Frederica Lovell-Pank to put her own red carpet selection together for Almost Essential.

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Meet talented interior designer Jerome Faillant-Dumas

House and Garden Design Lifestyle

One of the very talented interior designer, The Invisible collection has teamed up with, is Jerome Faillant-Dumas. With a background as Art Director for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, it is a real treat to meet him.

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Meet the very reliable Andrew, your personal finance optimizer


Meet the very reliable, Andrew who can help you to organise and optimize your personal finance including saving money on household budget and bills.

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