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Meet Marie Daage, The Legendary Porcelain Painter

Entertaining Lifestyle

Marie Daage is one of the most respected figures of Limoges Porcelain heritage and one of my favourite porcelain painter.

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Dinner for Six

Fashion Lifestyle

Dinner for 6 is now the new social norm. Hopefully we will enjoy more intimate and meaningful conversations... Let see!
What to wear though? We still need to look fabulous even if we stay at home, ça va sans dire!
Discover our dinner for six edit and shop the selection here on Almost Essential.

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The Art of Gift Giving

Unique Gifts

The art of gift giving is finding the right gift for the person you would like to spoil.

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Dinner for 6-Home Edit

House and Garden Design Lifestyle

Dinner for 6 at home, whilst we still can. Let's make the table colourful and fun. Here is Almost Essential selection of tableware to dress your table up! 

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6 Virtual Events To Satisfy Your Wanderlust


The pandemic may have hampered people's travel plans this year, but it certainly hasn't reduced their wanderlust and burning desire to experience different cultures around the world. Here are 6 virtual events to transport you away in October and November.

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