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Michael Brigo Training Exercises

Health and Beauty

With Summer round the corner and a change of wardrobe insight, more than ever we need to feel great in our clothes. These leg toning exercises specifically recommended by Michael, the AE Personal trainer, will make us look even better this Summer.

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The Great Love Story of the Late Prince Philip

Art and Culture

This tribute has the purpose of providing glimpses into the extraordinary love between two extraordinary people living in extraordinary times, Prince Philip and his Queen.

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AE Summer Home Edit

Entertaining Lifestyle Unique Gifts

I love to come upon small unique businesses or to discover exceptional designers with impeccable craftsmanship. I am always filled with pride when I find something truly outstanding and I love sharing my curated selection with you. Shop the selection here on Almost Essential.

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UK Lockdown is Over: Let’s Explore Life

Health and Beauty Lifestyle Travel

UK Lockdown is over, and we’re sure to be excited about this new chapter of our lives. May we approach it with a fresh mindset and an appreciation for the more important things in life.

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